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    Scanning into a Word Document (MS Office 2000)

    My problem <img src=/S/sad.gif border=0 alt=sad width=15 height=15> I was trying to scan something into MS Word. The scanning part went ok (HP3300C) but when I wanted to put the scanned item into MS Word from the scanner program--an error box came up that said the " RPC not available or the remote procedure call failed."

    I tried shutting the computer down and starting over but that didn't help anything. <img src=/S/nope.gif border=0 alt=nope width=15 height=15> The other thing I noticed when I open MS Word--it automatically opens up Document 2.

    Any helpful ideas will be appreciated. TIA!! <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Scanning into a Word Document (MS Office 2000)

    Hi skitterbug,

    The problem you're having is probably related to the OCR software used by your scanner. If it's anything like mine, it produces it's own 'formatted' version of whatever you scanned. Assuming you're working with text, have you tried copying the OCR software's rendition of the scanned text and pasting that into Word, via Paste Special, as unformatted text? Alternatively, paste into Notepad or Wordpad and see what happens - the problem may be with something that the OCR software is having trouble with converting to formatted Word text.


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