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    Change Indent of Toc header (Word 97 NL)

    Good afternoon,

    I really really want to know how I can solve the following problem. I want my third header from my TOC to indent at the same position as 1 en 2 (see template attached). How do I do this?
    Oh, and I had to send a .doc instead of a .dot because I cannot send templates (strange...).But it's the same.

    I know how to change it for just one time, but I want to save those settings in my template so that anyone here can use the right settings.

    Many thanks!
    Daphne <img src=/S/bwaaah.gif border=0 alt=bwaaah width=123 height=15>
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    Re: Change Indent of Toc header (Word 97 NL)

    Hello Daphne,

    When you make or edit a post, you can see a list of allowed extensions for attachments. Word templates (.dot) are not allowed because you don't get a warning if they contain macros. But since .zip (WinZip archive, Compressed Folder) *is* allowed, you can attach anything as long as the .zip file is below 100KB.

    About the TOC:
    1. Format the TOC (Inhoudsopgave) styles with the indent and tabs you want; switch off automatic updating of these styles.
    2. Select the TOC and remove extra paragraph formatting by typing Ctrl+Q.
    2. Right-click the TOC and switch on field codes ("Andere veldweergave"). You'll see something like { TOC o "1-3" }
    3. Just before the closing bracket, insert w, so that it looks like { TOC o "1-3" w }
    4. Right-click the TOC and switch off field codes ("Andere veldweergave")
    5. Right-click the TOC and update it.

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