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    Out of Memory Error

    We have a computer 500Mhz PIII, 128MB RAM, 12GB drive, 5 to 6 GB free space.

    We can open a large number of, 5 to 12MB, excel spreadsheets before we get an error message, that tells us that we are running out of memory, and we must close some other applications. Also open at this time are Word, Access, and Outlook. When we close down the other
    applications we are then able to open several more spreadsheets, and we can save, and close them all, and then exit out of Excel.

    Now for the problem. I reboot the machine. I shut down everything I can, Short cut bars etc. I open up Excel, and only Excel. I open up a very small spreadsheet named test.xls, which is just a sheet with one word typed into it. Everything is fine to this point.

    I open another spreadsheet worksheet named PCA.XLS, about 1mB in size, in addition to test.xls , and I get an error that reads "Out of Memory".

    After I click OK on the error, I can not save any of the spreadsheets. When I try to save anything in Excel I get the same error. I also now can not shut down Excel.
    When I try the whole computer locks up and I have to do a
    Control-Alt-Delete then click shutdown. About half the time I get the blue screen of death, and just have to hit the reset button.

    I can open any combination of spreadsheets, except for PCA.XLS without any problems. I can open PCA.XLS alone, but as soon as I open that sheet, and any other
    sheet, I get the "out of memory" error, and cannot do anything until I reboot the computer.

    My contention is that there is something not right programed into the spreadsheet. It is not linked to any other files of any kind. The file acts the same if opened off the c drive, or the network. Slow computers, fast computers, 32MB or 512MB it acts the same. We are running Excel 97 Service Pack 2B.

    Everyone else just wants to add memory to the machines, but I don't think that will make any difference. Do you concur?
    Any suggestions about what to look for in the sheet?


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    Re: Out of Memory Error

    I would guess at two possible problems:

    1- The PCA workbook has some kind of corruption in it (not unusual in Excel). The only way I know of to fix this problem is to copy everything from the corrupted workbook into a new workbook. The corruption does not usually copy, althought it does sometimes make it impossible to copy some areas of some spreadsheets. In your case, this may be difficult if you can't have another workbook open at the same time as PSA (if you open the second workbook after PSA do you still have the problem?). You might try opening PSA, deleting a lot of it, and save it as a different name. Then see if you can open a new workbook and copy what you didn't delete. Repeat this for other parts of the workbook.

    2- There is a macro in PSA, probably an auto execute macro, that is getting confused by the other workbook being open and doing something nasty. Try opening Excel and another workbook. The use file open to select PSA and hold down the shift key when you press the open button to prevent auto macros from running. Do you still have the problem? If not, then the problem is probably in one of the auto macros in the workbook.
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