The Scout Portal Toolkit: "Version 1.1.1 of this turnkey open source portal software has just been released by the Internet Scout Project. The Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT) allows groups or organizations to catalog and disseminate their collections or resources via the World Wide Web without a significant outlay of technical resources or expertise. SPT's metadata tool comes packaged with Dublin Core fields which can be modified easily to fit a collection's specific needs. Other features include a flexible interface (through separation of PHP and HTML), privilege settings, and workflow management features. Also of interest are a recommender system, reader ratings and comments, and a Google-like search engine. In order to make it more useful to all users, including those with disabilities, SPT was built with special attention paid to accessibility issues. Persons hoping to take advantage of this excellent (and free) Toolkit will need to have access to a Web server that supports PHP and MySQL, preferably running Linux and Apache. New to Version 1.1.1 are features that include support for image metadata field(s), simplified data import and export, color and logo customization, improved operation under PHP safe mode, and bug fixes."