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    Form size and position viewer as add-in (2000/2002)

    In <post#=205095>post 205095</post#>, Dave Willett asked for a way to determine the current size and position of a form. I created a simple form for this, of which various versions have been posted in that thread.

    Attached to this post is a new version in the form of an add-in for Access 2000/2002. If you install this add-in, it will be available in all your databases. It can be used while developing a database to position or size forms to exact specifications.

    Instructions for installation:
    <UL><LI>Download the attachment.
    <LI>Unzip FormSize.mda to any folder.
    <LI>Open any database (but not FormSize.mda itself).
    <LI>Select Tools/Add-ins/Add-in Manager.
    <LI>Click Add...
    <LI>Browse to FormSize.mda and click Open.
    <LI>The add-in should be checked automatically; if not, click Install.
    <LI>Click Close[/list]Instructions for use:
    <UL><LI>Select Tools/Add-ins/Size Viewer.
    <LI>By default, the position and size of the add-in window itself are displayed in twips (1 inch = 1440 twips).
    <LI>You can select any open form (in form view, datasheet view or design mode) from the dropdown list near the top.
    <LI>You can select a unit (inches, centimeters, pixels or twips) from the dropdown list near the bottom.
    <LI>The list of open forms is not keptup-to-date automatically. Click Refresh to update the list.[/list]Enjoy!

    Note: you use this add-in at your own risk. Comments and complaints can be posted in this thread or in a PM to me.
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    Re: Form size and position viewer as add-in (2000/2002)

    Thank you very much Hans, you saved my night. It's exactly what I needed and didn't know how to get at. I was just beginning to think in terms of a new add-in when I read your post. Of course I'll miss the brainstorming, but what a shortcut!
    Thanks again,

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    Re: Form size and position viewer as add-in (2000/2002)

    This certainly deserves to be Star Post

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