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    Switchboard Form (Access 2000/2002)

    From time to time, and one a variety of computers, when I create a Switchboard Access fails to generate a Form. It creates the Switchboard items table but not the form. The method used to create the Switchboard has no relation to whether this happens or not. How can I prevent this, or how can I recreate the form from the items table?
    Larry Beauchamp

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    Re: Switchboard Form (Access 2000/2002)

    I have no idea why the form should fail to be created. But if you do have the Switchboard Items table, you might import the Switchboard form from another database where the problem didn't occur.

    The only items you have to adapt are:
    <UL><LI>The captions of the two labels Label1 and Label2 that overlap each other near the top of the form (they must be the same).
    <LI>The picture (if any) displayes in the Image control on the left hand side of the form.[/list]Something else you can try, is
    <UL><LI>Rename the Switchboard Items table to something else.
    <LI>Run Tools/Database Utilities/Switchboard Manager.
    <LI>Confirm that you want to create a new switchboard.
    <LI>Click Close.
    <LI>You now should have a Switchboard form.
    <LI>If so:
    <UL><LI>Delete the new Switchboard Items table.
    <LI>Rename the old one back to Switchboard Items.
    <LI>You now have a working switchboard.[/list]<LI>If not:
    <UL><LI>There is something strange going on - I would be suspicious of database corruption.
    <LI>Consider creating a new blank database and importing all database objects from the problem database.[/list][/list]HTH

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