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    Sub reports (AccessXP)

    Frustration time. I have three subreports on a report. I need to add totals from each subreport so using advice I received last week I entered the following in three different text boxes.
    =IIf(IsNumeric(subrptReceivables.Report!txtGrandTo tal),subrptReceivables.Report!txtGrandTotal,0)
    =IIf(IsNumeric(subrptReceivablesGroup8.Report!txtG randTotal),subrptReceivablesGroup8.Report!txtGrand Total,0)
    =IIf(IsNumeric(subrptReceivablesContacts.Report!tx tGrandTotal),subrptReceivablesContacts.Report!txtG randTotal,0)

    The first text box gets the correct value. But the other two boxes returns #Name?

    What am I missing? Or is there an easier way to add the three values from three different subreports?

    Thanks. Fay

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    Re: Sub reports (AccessXP)

    Are you're names correct? The subreport names are the subreport control names on the main report not the names in the database window (but you probably knew that).
    Why are you using IsNumeric, how can they not be numeric?
    If they can be Null I would use the NZ feature.
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