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    email Attachment Remover Software (Opera )

    I would like help to find the email Attachment Removal software that I have been using for a couple of years which due to a Hard Disk disaster I have lost from my system

    I had to reinstall all my programs but I have been unable to find this little gem in my Program or Download Files folders

    All I can recall is that it was created by a chap in Canada

    It's a very small sized program which when opened puts a small window on the desktop

    It works in Outlook and Outlook Express and all you do is drop the email which has an attachment on to one of the window's "buttons" a which turns from red to green You then drag it back to the email folder and you have the email without the attachments !!

    Does anyone know/use this same program ?

    If so could they email me a copy or tell me the URL site where I can download it again

    Alternatively if someone knows of an similar program could they please do the same

    Thanks in advance

    Max Rieper

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    Re: email Attachment Remover Software (Opera )

    Hi Max

    Strip Attachments seems to do what you want for $15.95 US.
    You'll have to search down the page to find the link to the specific program description. I looked at the url for the program description page and it appears to include a "customer" identifier so it may not work from your computer if I used it here.

    Have a Great day!!!
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