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    Automatic table resizing (2002)

    Aargh! Gnash! Scream! Wail! Rend!

    I have this table, see (and it's not the only one - lots of them do this). I'm trying to get it all to fit nicely, preferably within the margins of the page, so I grab one of the lines and shrink the column width. Not only does Word actually make it bigger, but it then increases the width of the table as well!!!!!


    Aargh! Gnash! etc.

    Why? And what can I do to stop it. This is a key table in a key report that I need to spend more time writing, not pratting around trying to get the table to stop misbehaving.


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    Re: Automatic table resizing (2002)

    When you change column width by dragging, the right border of the column snaps to a predefined grid. Your column may not have conformed to the grid before, and if the nearest grid line is slightly to the right of the current border, you may get the effect you describe.

    Probably the safest way to get around it is to use the Table Properties dialog.

    If you prefer dragging the column border, you can keep Shift+Alt depressed while doing so. Alt lets you drag without snapping to the grid, Shift keeps other columns the same width.

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