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    References - failure to update (Access 2000)

    For the last few months I have been developing a database on both my home computer WinXP and my office computer Win98. Both are running Office 2000. Transferring the database between the two machines has not been a problem.

    Yesterday I installed my new office computer which is Win XP and my database promptly fell over, the problem being missing references to comdlg32.ocx and mscomctl2.ocx (both of which are now in WindowsSystem32 instead of WindowsSystem) and mscal.ocx (now installed on C: instead of D: although it converted all the other Office references OK).

    What bothers me is why Access failed to correct these references itself when it has done before, and how can I check references programatically and have the database shut down if necessary when I pass the next version of the front end out as an MDE?

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    Re: References - failure to update (Access 2000)

    I have encountered similar problems, and I haven't found out when exactly Access updates references automatically and when it doesn't - mostly it's ok when you go fom "older" to "newer" and not ok when you go form "newer" to "older", but there are exceptions.

    It is tempting to try and repair missing references in code, but I have found this to be a Catch 22 situation - missing references cause code to fail even if it doesn't reference any of the objects, properties etc. form the missing reference, so the very fact that there is a missing reference makes it impossible to repair it in code.

    The only way I have found around it is to create separate front ends for each OS/Office combination.

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