to change a light bulb? Or to paraphrase this old joke: How
much time needs MS to correct a documentation error it acknowledged itself?

At hand is the Range objects [blue]Sort[/blue] method. <A target="_blank" HREF=";en-us;229107">
KBS 229107: Problem using sort method with more than one key</A>

The documentation and the type library erroneously describe the syntax
as : SORT (key1,order1,key2,type,order2,....)

Of course the correct syntax is:

SORT (key1,order1,type,key2,order2,....)

The KBS article applies to Excel97. However looking for more recent
information reveals that the documentation for Excel 2000 and Excel 2002 (XP)
still contains the same error.

Al bets are on for the Excel 2003? (office 11) documentation.

At least two (otherwise excellent) excel vba books repeated the error without comments:
Writing excel macros - steven roman - o'reilly - isbn:1-56592-587-4 p.304
Excel 2002 vba programmers reference - Stephen Bullen et. al - wrox
isbn:1-861005-70-9 p746

Morale: Don't use positional parameters when using excel's methods