I'm posting this here because it seems to be a Windows 2000 issue.
Fresh install of Windows 2000 with Office 2000. Access data base and Word merge documents created a couple years ago. NO security set up in db or word docs. Windows 2000 Administrator can open and has full access to db. Administrator can open Word merge docs and it correctly finds and uses the db.
BUT, ANY OTHER USER who logs on to Windows 2000 can ONLY open (and has full access to) the db. If they open one of the many Word merge docs that use this db, Word says that it cannot find the data base.
You can manually go in and select the db and it seems to be okay but I have at least twenty different merge docs that use this data base and to go through each one and determine the table (or query) it uses is going to take a lot of time!
I have another new system on which I installed Windows 2000 and Office 97 (SR2) and the above scenario plays out exactly the same.
If I am logged on as Admin in Windows 2000 I can use the files as they have worked for years on the Win95 system but that is it. I have tried share permissions and everything I can think of! I also purchased two Windows 2000 Pro books to help in the overall process of learning the OS and can't find the answer there either! Anyone out there able to save me some time?!!