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Thread: Time Trials

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    Time Trials

    I'm in the final stages of developing a large data base, and the boss is interested in the time it takes to read selected data from the main database and append it into a temporary holding table (where this smaller selection will be re-queried and analyzed further). What I would like to do is have Access calculate the time it takes to run the query. I tried adding a field to the output to timestamp when each record is passed through the query and appended to the target table (using Now()), but all of the records output always ended up with the same timestamp.

    The sample data I am working with has just over 500,000 records, but is indexed on the two fields checked by the append query. This gives me decent access times, providing the database is compacted. When it is uncompacted, access times are pretty poor... To be fair, I'd need to test the times under both good and unfavourable conditions.

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    Re: Time Trials

    Nothing actually gets written until the last record is processed, so I'm not surprised at the uniform time stamp.

    Have you tried executing the query from a form? You could include a button to execute the query and two textboxes. When the button is clicked, use its click event to populate textbox1 with Now(), then use something like CurrentDb.Execute "MyQuery", then populate textbox2 with Now(). The difference should be the elapsed time.

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