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    Address Book Export

    My address book is on an old Win 98 computer running Outlook 98. I would like to export the address book to my new Win ME computer. The File Import/Export menu selections are not available. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    Re: Address Book Export

    No Export? If you can't solve that one...

    If your addresses are in a .pab file, you can copy that to your new computer, probably on a floppy, and then use that or import it into your new Contacts folder.

    If you old addresses are in a Contacts folder, and your .pst file is not too hefty to move, copy the .pst to the new machine and import from there.

    Otherwise, you can copy them into a new, blank .pst file and then move that. I never used OL98, so I'm not sure what your menu choices are. In OL2K, at the bottom of the File|New menu, there is "Presonal folders file (pst)." If you don't have thie shortcut, the way I did it in OL97 was through the Tool|Services dialog. Most OL98's I have seen have the somewhat different Tools|Accounts dialog, so I'm afraid I won't be much help there.

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    Re: Address Book Export

    just move the file over to the new machine.

    are you using corp or IMO mode? contacts are in the *.pst, corp has *.pab and IMO may be sharing a *.wab with OE.

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