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    Macro - VBA (Outlook 2002)

    I don't know VBA. Here is the macro I would like to create in Outlook.
    First I would open up a message I received.
    Now the macro - I would like to select all the text in the body of the message
    Now I want to select copy
    Now open up Word 2002
    Now edit / paste to Work document from Outlook.
    With document data in word still highlighted I need to go to File / Page Setup - change all the margins to .3 and orientation to landscape
    Close page setup and change font size to .8 and end macro.
    end macro.

    Can the macro be assigned to a shortcut key or Button on the toolbar in Outlook like you can in Word?

    Thanks in advance......

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    Re: Macro - VBA (Outlook 2002)

    Let me start with the last question first: you can assign a macro to a button and, if you put an "accelerator" key on the button (e.g., the S in Send), you can use an Alt-key combination to run it.

    Now, about this document you want to create. You can save yourself a lot of steps by creating a Word template that has the page layout and font size you want. Then, your macro would be simpler:

    [list=1]<LI>Create a new Word document using your template

    <UL>Dim wrdApp As Word.Application, wrdDoc as Word.Document
    ' In between, instantiate wrdApp (usually try GetObject first, then CreateObject if necessary)
    Set wrdDoc = wrdApp.Documents.Add("")

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