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    I've got a problem with recurring appointments in Outlook 98 on a network. As background, the PC OS is W98; the server OS is NT; the entire firm shares one calendar as a public folder to track appointments -- only 4 individuals have read/write rights (everyone else is read only); and we use My OL Calendar daily to print 13 months at a time.

    If you edit or delete a single instance of a recurring appointment, it causes some kind of corruption that manifests as follows: (1) sometimes it prints on the date/time it is supposed to, sometimes not; and (2) when a monthly calendar is printed, the recurring appointment will list multiple times with the same date/time on very the first Sunday of any given month (whatever month it feels like appearing on).

    We like using My OL Calendar because it will show you every word of every entry no matter how much space it takes up, which the Outlook print function does not. If anyone out there has found another way to produce the same results, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for any help that comes my way!

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    Re: Outlook

    I'mn ot familar with My OL Calendar - have you checked their website for an FAQ or contacted the developer? I'm guessing it's because you're breaking the reoccurances, but have no fix other than don't edit them.

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