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    Hiding Menu Bar (1997)

    I am looking for a way to hide the menu bar from my users.

    I found out today that I can have nothing other than the main switchboard showing when they are going to be using Access. They played with everything that was in front of them--and started to mess things up...

    Can anyone be of help? I have already gone to the tools--startup and removed all checks--and i have my start up as the main switchboard--the main menu bar is still appearing--and I need to get rid of it.


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    Re: Hiding Menu Bar (1997)

    Access needs to have a menu bar, so if you want to hide the standard menu bar, you have to supply one yourself.

    Right click the menu bar or a toolbar and click Customize...
    In the Customize dialog, activate the Toolbars tab.
    Click New... and specify a name, e.g. MyMenu, then click OK.
    The new toolbar will be selected in the list of toolbars. Click Properties.
    Change the type to Menu Bar.
    You probably will want to uncheck all or most options for changing it; then click OK.
    Drag the new empty menu bar to the top of the Access window.
    Close the Customize dialog.
    Select Tools/Startup...
    Set the Menu Bar for this database to the one you just created.
    Click the Options button (? not sure about the caption in Access 97).
    You'll want to uncheck all or most options here too; then click OK.
    The next time you open your database, it'll display the blank custom menu bar.
    As usual, keep the shift key depressed while opening the database if you want to change startup or toolbar options.

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    Re: Hiding Menu Bar (1997)

    If you removed all checks, then the main menu should have been modified to only have a few commands that are basic in mode, such as File/Open, Edit/Cut-Paste, Help etc. It may well be that is what you want when you go through the steps Hans suggested. Something to explore before you begin constructing your own menu bar.

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