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    Corrupted ExcelXP?? (XP-SP-2)

    I am using ExcelXP, but it has not been working properly. That is, on execution I see the start-up ExcelXp screen and then it freezes/locks up. The entire windows system locks up too. Ctrl-Alt-Delete is the only way I have been able to escape this situation. One time, ExcelXP started up in "Safe-Mode", but I could not reproduce that result again. I tried re-installing the Excel program from the source CD, but no changes to the situation occurred. I do not know what caused this corruption problem, but I would appreciate any constructive thoughts on this issue. In the worst case, do I have re-install the entire Office-XP system??

    In advance, I thank you for your input/help on this situation.



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    Re: Corrupted ExcelXP?? (XP-SP-2)

    Before deciding to reinstall, try the steps outlined by Jan Karel Pieterse in <post#=186893>post 186893</post#>.

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