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    Strange happenings with template (Office XP 2002)

    I use Office XP 2002 in WINXP. Recently, I created a Word document - a page of evenly spaced lines - for use in recording data. After printing several copies of the new form, I deleted it. Since then, every time I open a new Word document, it appears with those evenly spaced lines. Even stranger, every Word document I created and saved in the past now has those lines superinposed on the document's text. I tracked down the template (a folder called and that too has the lines. Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to correct it? Any help appreciated!!

    Gene Sears

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    Re: Strange happenings with template (Office XP 2002)

    Hi Gene:
    I'm not sure what you did to create "evenly spaced lines". If you changed the normal style to include those lines & made it the default, then all new documents would have this. If you also had Tools/Templates & add-ins/Automatically update document styles, then this could account for the old documents changing.

    If you haven't made any customizations to, you can just rename it to normal.old (with Word closed) & let Word rebuild it. If it's a new "feature" in Word 2002, then I can't help, as I haven't used it.

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