I'm having trouble mapping to one PC on my network. It's the newest of five PCs, running Windows XP Pro. The others run XP Pro (1 PC), XP Home (2 PCs) and Win 2000 (1 PC).

From this particular PC, I have no problem connecting to other PCs, and the others have no problem connecting to each other. But to connect TO this PC, I'm only successful when I log on to the Guest account, and then only if I've passworded that account. I have a common longin on every PC, so there should be no problem connecting/mapping among them. I "logon as a different user" and always use that name. But when mapping to this one PC, that is always refused, and a dialog appears with Guest as the account, asking for a password. When there was no password on that account, the dialog just reappeared when I hit OK. Now that I've assigned a password to the Guest account on that PC, I'm able to connect. I don't particularly want an active guest account on my PC, but I don't seem to be able to connect otherwise.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Richard Barrett