Dear members of the lounge,

at my office, we had to distribute +- 2500 Word documents to 225 entities. Therefore, I used file names containing entity code and file code, e.g. entcode_1.doc, entcode_2.doc,... which I loaded in a table (tblDocuments) for automatic processing: zipping (each set to and sending them to the respective e-mail addresses (, a tblEntities-field). The zipping part worked well - mailing though turned out to be ... well ...

How do I send a message with an attachment using Netscape? I can't help the choice of software - it's a decision of the 'people upstairs', which even install it on the new pc's using Windows XP (aargh)). So... no Outlook available...

My original code used two repetitive structures - loops. The outer one runs through all entities (tblEntities). The inner one loops through all files for this entity (query on tblDocuments), zips them (with shell method + command line parameters) and mails them to tblEntity!address. E-mail body and other remaining information is stored in tblMailings. So, all data needed for the mailings (to, cc, bcc, subject, body, attachment) is available in those tables. Now... I studied those (four!) possible solutions:

1. Helen Feddema's Access Archons (101, 102, 106): discuss Outlook but (with all respect!!) aren't useful with Netscape.
2. Sendobject method: doesn't allow sending attachments which aren't (based on) objects (everything else works).
3. MAPI calling ShellExecute using mailto: Netscape seems not to support, or at least ignore the last parameter (&Attach) of this function (everything else works).
4. Shell(...) + command line parameters: seem only to allow to pass profile & attachment(s) but no destination address (to. So I assume 'Shell' won't do the job either.

I failed. We ended up doing the job manually. Still, it should be fun to be able doing this the next time...

Does anyone have suggestions?


ps If you need it, I can offer the code I used & the source I got the examples from.