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    Default Spelling Language

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    A user has pointed out that no matter what language he selects as the default in Frontpage 2000 it always checks US spellings. I have looked at the Help Pages and Internet and the nearest I can find to assistance is a Knowledge Base article advising me to load SR-1 for Office. Did this and it doesn't work. I am making the change from the TOOLS - PAGE OPTIONS - GENERAL tab. I've even checked the default language in the rest of Office and this is set to English (British) which is what I want. Does anyone know where else I can change the default from or what I'm doing wrong.



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    Re: Default Spelling Language

    I did suffer the same problem, but due to various circumstances, ended up installing Office SP2. This does seem to have cured the problem (colour is no longer marked as incorrect, etc), but not having installed SP1/1a on its own, can't tell whether it worked then.

    According to MS, the file in question is fpcutl.dll. Mine is marked as version

    I can mail you a copy if you want to try it (480KB before zipping) ?

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