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    outlook exits (2000)

    Hi there,
    I have quite a bit of a stupid problem with Outlook that I've been unable to fix.
    On my laptop, running W2K with Outlook 2000, tied to an intranet with a proxy server that handles both the internet connection and an MSMail office, I can keep Outlook open for no more than 2 minutes aprox: double click on Outlook, Outlook opens fine, I can check the email and the calendar, and usually 2 or 3 minutes after that Outlook suddenly exits.
    It simply closes, and then I must start again Outlook, spend 2 or 3 minutes and here we go: that stupid program disappears again.
    I've checked almost everything: PST size, server syncronization, available bandwith, hard disk, temp files, enough memory, other processes running, but I can't seem to find what's going on.

    Anybody had a similar experience ?

    I've made my decision, but before backing up and formatting and reinstalling everything I want to make sure no solution exists.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: outlook exits (2000)

    Some thoughts: Are you running Outlook as the logged on user who installed it? Did you have local admin rights as that user when you installed it? Same questions for service packs...

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