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    Problem with 'permissions' on an Access back end (A2000)

    I have had a problem with an Access database back end data file. Suddenly it denied access to any user, saying that
    "you do not have the necessary permissions to use the <<filename.mdb>> object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you."
    The file gave this response to all users and we had to get a previous day's backup to recover the situation.
    I have never set permissions on the file or any of the other 6 access databases that we have been running for two years. All the other databases, which reside in the same directory, were unaffected and continued running happily.
    Has anyone heard of this problem before and is there anything I can do to prevent it happening again.

    Any assistance appreciated.



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    Re: Problem with 'permissions' on an Access back end (A2000)

    I would guess that the security information that is stored in the database has become corrupt. I'm afraid that Access databases becoming corrupt is a fact of life, although I have never encountered this particular error message. With other forms of corruption, it is often possible to retrieve at least part of the data, but in this case, restoring a recent backup is probably the only option you have (apart from an expensive professional data recovery service).

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