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    Date() (Access 97)

    A client emailed me with this problem. They have an existing Access 97 database they have been running for awhile. They have a new PC with Win XP Pro. On this machine they "can not open any forms using a query that has a =Date() in it."

    Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

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    Re: Date() (Access 97)

    This probably means that there is a missing reference. Unfortunately, repairing this *must* be done on the machine where the database is to be used, and it involves opening a module. I don't know if this is feasible.

    This is what should be done:
    <UL><LI>Open the database with the Shift key held down to circumvent the startup options set for this database.
    <LI>Open any module (or create a new one).
    <LI>Select Tools/References...
    <LI>Chances are that at least reference is marked as MISSING: ...
    <LI>Click on each missing reference and write down the name of the reference and of the associated file. Then uncheck the reference.
    <LI>Click OK to close the References window.
    <LI>Select Debug/Compile and Save All. If Access complains that a user defined type has not been declared, at least one of the missing references must be restored, but with the correct path for this machine. This usually involves hunting for such a file.
    <LI>Compact the database (Tools/Database Utilities).
    <LI>See if the problem has gone away.[/list]Doing this on your own PC usually takes less time than reading these instructions, but it is not a pleasant job to guide a client through it by telephone or e-mail.

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