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    Recycle Bin (XP Ver 2002 SP1)

    When I delete files they do not appear in the recycle bin.

    Bin parameters have been set correctly.

    Disk clean up shows 30 kb in the bin.

    Shredder has been disabled.

    XP has been reinstalled.

    Any help will be gratefuuly appreciated.

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    Re: Recycle Bin (XP Ver 2002 SP1)

    Are you looking in the bin shortcut that's on screen and see no files? What happens if you open Windows Explorer and click on the left pane Recycle Bin - do you then see any files in the right pane? Do you have more than one drive(partition) and have you set the bin attributes differently for each drive? I don't (yet) have an answer, but I'm still looking for what could cause this phenom....

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