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    Filter for combo box (Access2000)

    Good morning Loungers,

    I have two queries (TutorApptQry) and (StudentApptQry) the common key is the GroupNo.
    The TutorApptQry has only one record for each GroupNo and the StudentApptQry has one or more records for each GroupNo (more than one student can be in a tutoring session with the tutor).

    I created a form with a combo box to select the GroupNo from the TutorApptQry, this works just fine no problem. Then I have another combo box on the form in which I want to display ONLY the students that are attached to the selected GroupNo.

    The query has only two fields, the student name and the GroupNo and I have included in the query grid the criteria

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    Re: Filter for combo box (Access2000)

    In the AfterUpdate event of the first combo box (cboGrpNo) you need to place the following statement:


    I have assumed that your second combo box is named cboStudents.

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