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    Number of Pages problem (Word 2000 SR-1)

    Please help me accomplish the following in a document:

    1) The document has two sections. The first section has three pages consisting of Title page, Table of Contents and Revision History. The second section has all the rest of the content.

    2) The page numbers in the first section are in the form "i," "ii", etc.

    3) The page numbers in the second section start over at number 1 and are in the form "1 of n," 2 of n", etc., where n is the total number of pages in the section (not the entire document). If there are 20 pages in the section, I want the last page to say page 20 of 20.

    My problem is that Word's default number of pages field is the number of pages in the entire document, including both sections. What actually happens in the above example is that the last page says page 20 of 23.

    Is there a way to include in the footer a number that omits pages in the first section?
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    Re: Number of Pages problem (Word 2000 SR-1)

    The SECTIONPAGES field will give you the total number of pages in the current section. Just use this instead of the PAGES field that you are currently using.


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