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    subform question (Access2000)

    <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20> I have a subform that will contain call data on patients. It has 15 rows. The fields are basically the same but are numbered by the call, i.e. Initial Call, Month 1 Call, Month 2 Call, etc.......... I need to keep them this way because reports will be run depending on the call number. But on each row, the only field that may have more than 1 response would be the side effects field. I need to be able to grow this field. Will I have to put a subform on each row for side effects? I can't put a field for each side effect because I have had patients who have up to 12 side effects in month one and then month two they may be down to just 2. I know this sounds really confusing but I would appreciate any input from all you pros.

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    Re: subform question (Access2000)

    Hello Laura
    It sounds as if you have a design issue here.
    My interpretation is that you will need a table for side effects
    There should possbly be tables for patients, calls, sideeffects
    Patients to calls will be a 1 to many
    Calls to side effects 1 to many

    You could try and build a form based on patients that has 2 subforms, 1 for each of calls and side effects
    The side effects subform would be filtered according to the selected call record in the calls subform

    As an example look at the customer Orders form in the NorthWind.mdb. That should be in the samples folder fro MS Office ...

    Hope this is helpful


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    Re: subform question (Access2000)

    I think you need a tblSideEffects, which is on the "Many" side of a one-to-many relationship with your Calls table. You form will need side-by-side subforms. The left subform will contain the calls. The right subform will contain the side-effects noted for the on the left that is currently being pointed at.
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