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    FP Frames (Office 2000 Premiu,m)


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    Re: FP Frames (Office 2000 Premiu,m)

    I confess that I don't know how to create a frameset in FrontPage; I always do it manually in Notepad.

    If you look at the HTML pane for your main page, do your links have a TARGET= attribute? If this is specified, it either should name the frame you want the document to open in (the name assigned to it in your frameset page), or something like "_self". If it says "_top", it will take over the whole window.

    The hyperlink dialog in FrontPage probably uses other wording for these choices (e.g., it says New Window and then puts _blank in the TARGET= attribute), so check the HTML to be sure.

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    Re: FP Frames (Office 2000 Premiu,m)


    No need to cut your wrist.

    Not taking the easy way out but I'm a FrontPage user for several years and I suggest you get a book! The volume that saved my okole -- that's one Hawaiian word! -- many times is Que's Special Edition Using FrontPage2000. Once you get the hang of it, you may find yourself liking FP a lot. I do, for many reasons. FP handles frames nicely but the app is one of those that requires you hold your mouth just so as you implement certain little bells and whistles. Later, I promise, it will become intuitive. For example, once you get the hang of 'shared borders' you may find them a better way to go than frames for similar effect.

    A good FP book helps by giving you that larger picture you need with WYSISWYG FrontPage.

    Meanwhile, you don't need to hand code with Notebook. You can stick your code in directly by toggling the HTML tag at the bottom of the pane to flip between 'normal' view and code.

    Online help just doesn't cut it and neither, in my opinion, does any MSPress book. Yes, I upgraded to FP2002 -- AND to Special Edition Using FrontPage 2002!
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    Re: FP Frames (Office 2000 Premiu,m)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by WebGenii on 11-Mar-03 12:57. sorry about the huge graphic)</P>Targeting your Frames, (without resorting to Notepad or HTML view). I've attached a picture below.
    1) Right-Click on your contents page (in Normal View).
    2) Choose Page Properties. Yes, there are other ways to bring up this dialogue box - but this method ensures that you are working on the correct page. It is easy, when working with frames to do a lot of work and then discover you are working on your main page.
    3) Inside the Page Properties dialogue box you'll see the Change Target Frame button (circled in red). Click it.
    4) This opens the Target Frame dialogue box. On the left hand side of the dialoge box, you'll see a preview of the frame layout.
    5) Click the portion of the frameset that you want the linked pages to display in.
    6) Work your way back out of the dialogue boxes by clicking the OK buttons
    You've now set the default target for the page. Unless you do something different all pages should be directed to that frame.
    You can if you wish, direct individual links on that page to other locations. For example, let's say you have a link to the lounge and you want that <font color=red>one</font color=red> link to open a new page. When you are creating an individual hyperlink you'll find that same Change Target Frame button in the Create Hyperlink dialogue box. Use it, and you'll be controlling the target for the individual link.

    The second part of your question, is asking about shared borders. I strongly recommend that you do not combine shared borders and frames. Not only will it be a pain to maintain, it is visually very confusing for the viewer. Use either shared borders or framesets - do not try to combine them on the same pages. I don't know how much you know about shared borders and navigation bars - so if you have further questions, just post again.
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    Re: FP Frames (Office 2000 Premiu,m)

    I was trying to be clear up there that shared borders are a good alternative to frames. You are quite correct that they should never be used simultaneously. Can't imagine it.

    Frames are not a device that I allow in my web site simply because some browsers still can't handle them. While doubtless an impossible dream, I work to severely limit bells and whistles of any sort that might block a viewer. Funny that way. <img src=/S/duck.gif border=0 alt=duck width=23 height=23>
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