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    Can't Access Safe Mode

    Have a Compaq 5834 which came with preinstalled Windows 98 SE. The unit is 31/2 years old. The other morning my son started it but got no response. Tried to get into safe mode via F8 w/o success. So I did a Quick Restore using the two CDs that came with the equipment. Still nothing. Then I remembered the emergency startup diskette I created 3 yrs ago. Got to rummage through all the goodies on the disk and was able to reach the safe mode selection screen. When I selected safe mode startup, an awkward looking Windows 98 screen appeared ( verticle lines from side-to-side and top-to-bottom. And there it stays till the "safe to shut down" message appears (about 3 to 5 minutes).

    I tried to run 'sys config' using the A drive startup disk but all I get is the following message: " Invalid VxD dynamic link call to device #3, service B. Your windows configuration is invalid. Run startup program again."

    Do I have damaged hardware (I have an extended warranty for that) or is it a software problem (no warranty)? If the latter, can anyone give me advice on how to get this fat-lady singing again??

    Appreciate any advice or help you can provide.

    Many Thanx

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    Re: Can't Access Safe Mode

    Sounds like a hardware fault to me, very few software problems would survive a Quick Restore from the installation CDs.


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    Re: Can't Access Safe Mode

    I would tend to agree with Stuart here. This sounds like a hardware issue. Since you don't indicate any abnormal behavior or noise associated with the hard drive and you mentioned that you used the quick restore disks for the system and didn't say you had any "problems" reinstalling with them, we can probably eliminate the hard drive as the issue here. Following the same line of reasoning, the CPU is also likely good as well as the power supply. I would check the BIOS settings first and if they seem OK then you probably should read your warranty and find out what it covers and for how long and then contact Compaq (or your extended warranty issuer). At that point, I would suspect the motherboard has a problem.
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