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    Find Record (XP)

    I am trying to add a button on a form that would allow me to search for a specific last name (which is an indexed field) and then jump to that record. I'm not even sure what keywords to search for if a thread has already answered this. Any help?

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    Re: Find Record (XP)

    One possibility is to have a text box in which the user enters (part of) a name, and a command button that selects the first record that matches. See <post#=198933>post 198933</post#> for an example.

    It is also possible to use a combo box to search for records. Activate Control Wizards (the "magic wand" button on the Control Toolset must be "on") and place a combo box on your form. In the Combo Box Wizard, select the option to look up records based on the selection in the combo box. The wizard will write the necessary code for you.

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