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    ( Line Input ) Run time error '14' - Out Of String

    I was amazed to see, this morning, that Line Input fails when trying to read the first line of a large (36MB) comma-delimited text file.

    There are more than 65K lines in the file, so a cheap Import into Excel fails. Access barfs on the first line (but I really think it's a different problem, because Access barfed on the first line of a different file (12MB) but Excel managed to read 32K lines of it.

    Why should LINE INPUT throw up its hands? I thought it might read a buffer of, perhaps, 64K and then parse the lines out of that.

    In the code sample below I have disabled the offending lines. The new lines (for Binary Read) work, returning a gob of text each time, which, presumably, I must break into lines, and then parse.

    A pox on Line Input!

    <pre>Sub test()
    Dim intFile As Integer
    intFile = FreeFile

    Dim strFilename As String
    strFilename = "C:GreavesProductsGeographyNAmericaUSACaliforniaCA _deci.txt"

    ' Open strFilename For Input As #intFile
    Open strFilename For Binary As #intFile

    While Not EOF(intFile)

    Dim strLine As String
    ' Line Input #intFile, strLine
    strLine = Input(1024, intFile)


    Close intFile

    End Sub

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    Re: ( Line Input ) Run time error '14' - Out Of String

    Have you tried declaring strLine as a specific length string so that you process the text in manageable chunks?

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