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    Update recognizing installs (Office XP, SP 2)

    This is not a problem but it could be if I didn't catch it. Going to MS Office Update page and checking for which updates I have installed, the "about" panels on help in each app confirm SP 2 is in place. MS fails totally to recognize that. In fact, online adds insult to injury and says I don't have SP 1 either. The potential damage would be the time waste in downloading the update yet one more time and it is definitely possible for an old man in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to lose track of what he's got! <img src=/S/gramps.gif border=0 alt=gramps width=20 height=20> Just trust me on that.

    Aside from that, this is more a curiosity than a problem but maybe my Woody friends have a description of what causes this.

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    Re: Update recognizing installs (Office XP, SP 2)

    This <post#=228373>post 228373</post#> is about Windows Update, but the same principle is likely to apply to Office Updates. I've resorted to using my own log for each for peace of mind.
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