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    Bulk 'save as' to HTML (2002 SP1)

    I use Outlook 2002 with Exchange and would like to keep HTML versions of my emails in an ordinary folder along with the Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that relate to projects I am working on so that my whole electronic files is in one place and accessible to all. I can use the File Save As to save a single email as a HTML file, but you can't highlight multiple files to do this in bulk. I know I could export them as a PST, but then they can't be read like normal files and the PST would need to be redone all the time to update for new emails. Is there a utility available or some other way to bulk export Exchange based emails to HTML files?

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    Re: Bulk 'save as' to HTML (2002 SP1)

    I don't know about the bulk HTML export. But since you are on Exchange you might ask your admin about using public folders. This is a great way to share email - and documents too. One big advantage with these folders is that you see and work with them the same way as in your Outlook folders. You don't get that when you save to a file system. Just a thought...

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    Re: Bulk 'save as' to HTML (2002 SP1)

    You were after a premade utility, but here is some code to achieve what you want.

    To set up:
    1. Copy the code from below, and in Outlook, press ALT-F11 to open the code editor, and then paste the code into "ThisOutlookSession". Close the code editor.
    2. Back in Outlook, right-click a toolbar and choose customise - on the commands tab scroll down to the category "macros" - on the right you should see our macro (it will say something like "Project1.ThisOutlookSession.bul..."). Drag and drop that item onto a toolbar or position it on a menu. [Later, you can finetune how this displays including changing the visibile caption and an assigning an icon etc]

    To use:
    Now, select multiple items, and then press the button/menu item. It will prompt you for a location, and then save all the items there.

    '----------Start Code----------
    Sub BulkSaveOut()
    Dim selItems As Outlook.Selection
    Dim objItem As Object
    Dim x As Long
    Dim strPath As String, strFullName As String, strName As String
    On Error GoTo myerr

    Set selItems = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection

    strPath = InputBox("Where would you like to save the " & selItems.Count & " items selected?" & vbNewLine & "(eg C:MyFiles)", "Bulk Save Utility", "C:temp")
    If Len(strPath) > 0 Then 'else they hit cancel
    If Right(strPath, 1) = "" Then strPath = Left(strPath, Len(strPath) - 1) 'catch "C:"
    For x = 1 To selItems.Count
    Set objItem = selItems.Item(x) 'some of the properties used below are mailitem only
    If TypeName(objItem) = "MailItem" Then
    strName = Format(objItem.SentOn, "yymmdd") & " " & objItem.Subject
    Select Case objItem.BodyFormat
    Case olFormatHTML
    strFullName = strPath & "" & strName & ".htm"
    objItem.SaveAs strFullName, olHTML 'olSaveAsType constant for HTML only works if the item is HTML
    Case olFormatPlain
    strFullName = strPath & "" & strName & ".txt"
    objItem.SaveAs strFullName, olTXT
    Case olFormatRichText
    strFullName = strPath & "" & strName & ".msg"
    objItem.SaveAs strFullName
    Case olFormatUnspecified
    strFullName = strPath & "" & strName & ".msg"
    objItem.SaveAs strFullName
    End Select
    End If
    Next x
    End If
    Set objItem = Nothing
    Set selItems = Nothing
    Exit Sub

    myerr: 'std
    Dim intReturn As Integer
    intReturn = MsgBox(Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description, vbAbortRetryIgnore)
    Select Case intReturn
    Case vbAbort
    GoTo exit_sub
    Case vbRetry
    Case vbIgnore
    Resume Next
    End Select
    End Sub
    '----------end code----------

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