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I'm going nutz!

Perhaps someone out there has an easier way to do this.. let me explain.

I have a call tracking sheet. The information for this sheet is entered via userform. The spreadsheet will be sent as a template to my users. They enter thier information for each call, and at the end of the day, click on a 'Finalize' button, which e-mails me a copy of the spreadsheet containing the call data, in the format iniyyyy-mm-dd.xls.

Within this .xls file I'm recieving from my team, there is a sheet which breaks down the main data into parts, which will be used for a report. The parts are gathered by means of Array formulas. The sheet name is 'Statistical Data.'

I have started to create another sheet, called ADMINDB.xls. This sheet prompts me to enter the initials, and the directory to be searched. After it gathers this information, it selectively takes portions of the data from all files containing the initials string in that directory, and puts them into a corresponding sheet within Admindb.xls. For example, I have a row of results on my statistics page which outlines the number of calls taken each hour. The row is selected, and pasted to AdminDB.xls in a sheet called 'Hours.'

AdminDB systematically reads the required portions of Statistical Data and applies it to a corresponding sheet in AdminDB.xls.

At the end of this process, the data is pulled from it's respective sheet in AdminDB.xls and placed in a 'Report' sheet, which displays the data in a means our managers are familiar with.

I'm not sure if this is making any sense... if it is, does anyone have insight on how to automate this process without writing thousands of formulas and/or code specifics?

Another problem I have is that some of the data is date-specific, and must be displayed in a 'daily' sheet. The daily sheet has the day numbers, while the source sheet has dates in mm/dd/yy format.

any help would be appreciated.. otherwise, i'm off to write seemingly millions of formulas/lines of code.