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    Office 97 to Office 2002 (97 to 2002)

    We are moving from Office 97 to Office 2002. We are setting up a pilot for our users to test our inhouse applications. Keep in mind the appls were developed under 97 (i.e. Word templates, Access database, etc.) but during the pilot/test they would only have access to Office 2002 for these inhouse appls. Its anticipated the pilot will be for a period of 4-6 weeks. Once we are done (and provided all goes well) we will come up with a plan for deploying new hardware along with Office 2002. Should there be any problem with the user going from Office 97 to Office 2002 (for the pilot) and then back to Office 97 until we are ready to deploy these appls in a production environment? Or should all of this be transparent to the user? If anyone has any input, would greatly appreciate it!

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    Re: Office 97 to Office 2002 (97 to 2002)

    Although all Office XP apps have new features compared to their Office 97 counterparts, the one that stands out is Access, since the database format has changed (in fact, it did so with Access 2000). Existing Access 97 databases will have to be converted to Access 2000 or 2002 format (Access 2002 can use both; I would suggest using Access 2000 format), and converted or new databases will have to be converted back to Access 97 if the users want to keep on using them after the pilot. You will have to check references to object libraries carefully - they are usually updated correctly when going "up", but you may get missing references when going "down".

    Also, the default data model in Access 2000/2002 is ADO, while that in Access 97 was DAO. Access 2000/2002 works perfectly well with DAO. Access 97 works with ADO too, but it was not designed for it. If you are going to convert databases back to Access 97, I recommend staying with DAO.

    The file format for Word, Excel and PowerPoint hasn't changed, and documents edited or created in the 2002 version can be used in the 97 version too; if features specific to XP have been used, they may get lost when the document is edited in 97.

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    Re: Office 97 to Office 2002 (97 to 2002)

    Hans has given you valuable information in his post - there definitely are some issues you are likely to encounter. One factor that should be considered is the number of users - if you have 15 or 20 users it's a simpler problem than if you have 200. Also, going to the new version for several weeks and then going back is likely to cause the pilot users some aggravation. The purchase of new hardware will also be a different process than simply upgrading an existing PC, so you may want to wipe the hard drive and reinstall - chances are you will have a different OS (WinXP) on new machines. Doing that and preserving user customizations is not a trivial task. Finally, the complexity of your applications needs to be considered - especially the Access database(s). If it/they contain lots of code, and especially if they were developed in Access 2, you may need to rewrite some of the code. A final observation - the next version of Office is expected within the next several months - you may want to consider upgrading to that and save a future upgrade. Hope this helps.

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