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    insufficient memory (word97 sr2b)

    For one of our word documents > from an excel file the user copys charts & pastes special into a word document.
    The user has been doing this for the past year using the same word & excel file.
    Now when they use this word file to paste special the following memory message appears 'There is insufficient memory. Save the document now'.> they click ok & then the excel chart gets pasted into the word doc eventually.

    Usually when our word files get memory error messages I clean up the 97 files by opening up & saving the files in officeXP. Then opening up the files in 97 & saving again this always clears the memory messages.
    However I've applied this fix this time & it didnt clear the memory message. The word file is only a small file only 600k in size.

    any ideas on how I can clear this message?
    many thanks

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    Re: insufficient memory (word97 sr2b)

    Hi Diana:
    There can be numerous causes for the Out of Memory messages. If you have a TOC, try deleting the hidden bookmarks & updating the TOC. It's also possible that the document is corrupt.
    1. I would try to first copy everything but the last paragraph mark to a new documet.
    2. If you have sections, copy each section separately, without the section marks.
    3. If you have tables, convert them to text, then back to a table. (This won't work if your tables are too complex.)
    4. Failing these, try saving as .rtf & then back to a doc file.

    Hope this helps,

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