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    Assuming a date (97)

    I have a date field and on a form I want to key a date once and for this date to then be assumed when adding new records using the form. I added a textbox, called txtDate, and changed the Default Value for the date field control to =[txtDate]. Why is this not working correctly?? Andy.

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    Re: Assuming a date (97)

    If the user changes the value of txtDate, this won't be reflected automatically in the default value of the date field - you must set it anew in the AfterUpdate event of txtDate (I have used TransactionDate as name of the date field for illustration purposes):

    Private Sub txtDate_AfterUpdate()
    TransactionDate.DefaultValue = "=[txtDate]"
    End Sub

    Another possibility is not to use the DefaultValue property, but to set the date when inserting a new record:

    Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)
    TransactionDate = txtDate
    End Sub

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    Re: Assuming a date (97)

    The DefaultValue for a field can be a constant or a build-in Access function, but not a user-defined function. If you wanted to set manually set the DefaultValue in the property sheet to a specific date, you'd put in a value something like this: "#1/1/03#". (If you wanted to Default to today's date, you'd put in "Date()". (In both cases, without the apostrophes).

    So, in code you have to do the same thing. In your form's AfterInsert event, put this:
    txtDate.DefaultValue = "#" & txtDate & "#"
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