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    Repeating Updates (Windows XP)

    Windows updater requested that I install security updates MZXML 2.6 & MSXML 3.0. I did so, and rebooted. The next day it wanted me to do it again. Well, maybe I fouled up the first updates, so i did. On the third day I got annoyed and wrote the names down, but updated. Now it still wants me to do it again, and i don't know why it's not paying attention to itself.

    Any help?


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    Re: Repeating Updates (Windows XP)

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    Re: Repeating Updates (Windows XP)


    I was having exactly the same problem. Noted, however, that Service Pack 1 is now available from for XP. When I installed that the problem you describe and a few others went away. SP 1 is a large download but the installation went smoothly and it seems my XP pro is running even more smoothly than before. I've been very satisified with XPP and hope you are also but one thing I learned in the procedure was that the litle periodic updates are just chicken feed to the big banquet SP 1 presents.

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