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    Autofilter via BeforeDoubleClick Sub (97)

    I'm trying to autofilter list 2 based on a double-clicked cell in list 1. When I double click an entry in list 1 to initiate the filter, list 2 goes blank with the filtered field showing the filter appied. If I drop down on list 2, I see the appropriate value selected, but no entries until I manually select the filter value.

    I've read 2 knowledgebase articles and various threads here at the lounge regarding autofiltering dates, and AFAIK have done everything recommended. The dates in list 2 are "mm/dd/yyyy" as are the dates in list 1. My system short date is formatted mm/dd/yyyy.

    Your recommendations please?

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    Re: Autofilter via BeforeDoubleClick Sub (97)

    I double-click on the dates in B4: B7 and the date I double-click sets the filter so it seems to be working for me.

    I use XL97 SR2(l) with Win 2000.


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