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    Importing a duplicate Excel spreadsheet (2000)

    I am creating an alumni list from scratch. Right now I only have the fields completed for a few people. I have sent e-mail to the few I have with the alumni table as an Excel spreadsheet attachment. Several people are working on it, then sending their results back to me in the same spreadsheet. Importing the Excel spreadsheet as a table into Access is no problem for me. What I want to do is get out of the task of comparing what they have done against what was originally there.

    Is there a way of creating a query that will search two tables and "fill in the blanks" on the main table?

    Another thought of doing this would be to create an append query to append the one table on the other, and everything will be duplicated. Then, is there a way of creating a delete query to delete the records that are duplicated with the least amount of fields filled in?

    Or has anybody have a better way of accomplishing my task and save me from the long task of typing in the new information?

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    Re: Importing a duplicate Excel spreadsheet (2000)

    If several people will modify the same record, chances are their modifications will not be 100% identical. How are you going to decide which modification to use in your database?

    If the number of fields is small, you can create update queries that will fill a field only if it is empty in the destination (assuming that you have a way to identify a record uniquely.) If you have a large number of fields, this becomes unwieldy.

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