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    Insert/Signature (2000)

    Hi All,

    I recently started using Outlook 2000. I created two signatures, a "simple" one with fixed-width font, and a "fancy" one with formatted fonts. Later, I got a pager, and added the pager number to the signatures. When I create a new message, the signature includes the pager number. However, when I reply to an existing message and use Insert/Signature, the old signature is inserted, without pager number. Editing or viewing the signatures shows the pager number. What gives?

    Thanks, in advance!

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    Re: Insert/Signature (2000)

    Did you figure this one out? Do you have your preferred sig set up as the default under Tools, Options, Mail Format, Use this SIgnature as Default? If so, when composing a new message, when you click the signature button on the tool bar, does the preferred sig show? And finally, have yoursearched your specific user settings to see that the old sig file has been replaced wherever it should? (IS Admin in my company sets sig storage in a weird place, so if I change my sigs, I have to make sure I copy them to that other location.)
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