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    Rule that will run from Exchange (XP)


    We have someone in the office who is going on Maternity Leave and would like to create a rule that will run while she is away. She wants the rule to be forwarded to someone else and also for a reply to be sent notifying the Sender that the message has been forwarded. However, she obviously doesn't want this to run for people who work in the organization, b/c they obviously know she's on Maternity Leave.

    We can see how to set this up, but after setting it up, Outlook displays a message saying that it will only run while Outlook is running. Obviously, if she's on Maternity Leave, Outlook won't be running (unless someone is using her computer), so how can we get Exchange to run this message? . . . Or is it not possible. Would someone have to ensure that her computer is turned on and logged on every morning to get Outlook to reply?

    We tried the Out-of-Office Assistant, but I don't think we can get it to exclude people in the organization. We did try to create 2 conditions. The first that would delete E-mail sent from people in the organization and the 2nd that would reply, but I'm not sure whether Outlook will delete then reply or whether it will delete and stop UNLESS the message is from someone other than those in AD.

    I hope I've explained this well. Can anyone provide insight into getting this to work?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks heaps.


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    Re: Rule that will run from Exchange (XP)

    I think you should go ahead and use the out of office assistant. That's what it's made for; rules will give you fits. Exchange keeps track of people in the GAL who get the OOA message. They'll only get it once, so that shouldn't be a big deal. You should know that by default Exchange does not send OOA to the Internet. It has to be turned on. Most companies do not turn it on for a lot of good reasons.

    As for forwarding the mail to someone else, you can give the person monitoring mom's account user rights to the mailbox and the monitor can add it to their folder list.

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