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    Reset End of Data (2002)

    I know this is a silly question, but how do you reset the end of data cell?

    For example: Let's say I import a data file with 500 rows of data, three columns wide. I edit the data. I delete some records (rows). Massage the data. Delete some more rows etc. And now I am left with 425 rows of data, still 3 columns wide. If I use Ctrl+End I go to row 500 column 3 not row 425 column 3.

    How do I "reset" the end of data area to row 425? Currently, I am copying all the data into a new workbook, closing the original workbook, and doing a "save as". There has to be an easier way.

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    Re: Reset End of Data (2002)

    Usually, just saving the workbook will force Excel to rest the last cell. If you have an AutoFilter in your worksheet, you may need to turn it off, then on again.

    It is possible that empty-seeming rows and columns still contain information or formatting so that Excel doesn't see them as empty. See the thread starting at <post#=190787>post 190787</post#> for possible solutions. <post#=133055>post 133055</post#> contains macro code to "clean" unused rows and columns.

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