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    Special characters in drop-down form field (Word 2000)

    Hi there,
    In a form, drop-down form field I want to have a checkmark , from the Monotype sorts special characters, as part of the choice list. I tried inserting it in the doc and then copying into the list and it does not work. Just like on this post, I tried inserting the checkmark and all I get is a 3. I also tried the Alt+123 solution and I just can't find the right number.

    There might be another solution to this problem. The goal is for the user to be able to choose between an "X" for not available to a "checkmark" for available.

    Any ideas and thanks in advance.

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    Re: Special characters in drop-down form field (Word 2000)

    Symbol fonts have special codes that don't really work in a field meant to have text. Could you simply use a checkbox-type field instead? Not as pretty, of course, but saves the step of dropping it down...

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