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Thread: Yahoo Database

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    Yahoo Database

    Apologies in advance for this off-topic message. I'll happily post somewhere else if anyone can suggest an
    appropriate forum.

    My wife was recently added as a "Moderator" to an existing Yahoo Groups database. As such, she should be
    able to maintain the database. She can add records, but gets an error whenever attempting to Edit records.
    This problem has been reproduced on 2 different machines, with any of several browsers. When attempting to
    edit a record, one clicks on the "Edit" link off to the right, and an editing form appears. Put any values in
    any number of the fields, and click "Save Record". Text similar to the following appears:

    PythonError: <exceptions.IndexError instance at 86d2440>

    The address or location at the end seems to vary somewhat. The Edit will not have
    been performed: all field values will remain unchanged.

    (1) Can anyone suggest if this is a problem with the database itself, a problem with the Yahoo account
    used to access it, or something else??

    (2) Can anyone suggest a means of getting some diagnostic information that might shed light on
    what this problem really is??

    (3) If this is likely to be a problem with the database or account, does anyone have a recommendation
    for getting some attention at Yahoo??

    (4) Does anyone have other suggestion or approach for getting this problem resolved??


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    Re: Yahoo Database

    Got to be a server-side problem. Can she e-mail some of the other moderators and see if it's a known problem? I imagine the moderators have their own little "support group" type list...

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    Re: Yahoo Database

    I agree that this is a server side problem. But with the scripting language behind the edit function. The message is a Python scripting error. For more about Python you can go to the following web site: -or check out known Python bugs at:


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