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    File exists (xl2k)

    I want to programmitcally check to see if a file exists. If it does, then I am going to kill it (I know how to do that). But if the file doesn't exists, then the code gives an error message. I could get around it by using the On Error but I would rather check for the files existance. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?



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    Re: File exists (xl2k)

    The classic Basic way is to use the Dir function. Dir takes a string argument representing a path and file name (which may contain wildcards) and returns the file name of the first file matching the argument, or an empty string if no file was found. So you could use

    Dim strFileName As String
    strFileName = "C:ExcelTest.xls"
    If Dir(strFileName) = "" Then
    MsgBox "File not found", vbExclamation
    ' your code here
    End If

    You can also use the FileSystemObject, it has a method FileExists. You must set a reference to Microsoft Scripting Runtime in order to use it. Be aware that in some corporate network environments, the use of Scripting is disabled.

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