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    link foxpro tables Access 2k (Access 2000)

    I have a collection of foxpro tables to import/link to Access 2000. Have read the previous post and enjoyed some success with ODBC links as outlined by MarkD. Some of the tables simply return an "object not found" run time error, checked names paths etc but to no avail. Tried, in something approaching desparation, to add them to a Visual Foxpro database only to get a different error "Not a Table". Foxpro help reveals this is because "The file that Visual FoxPro is attempting to use as a table contains an improper header". If this could be the reason why the ODBC connection fails - what are the alternatives?

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    Re: link foxpro tables Access 2k (Access 2000)

    I doubt that there is an alternative that applies to Access if even VFP can't open the files. One of the causes of this error in both FoxPro and Access is opening a database file in something like Word, which can't convert it back to the real thing. There is an old MSKB article at;[LN];142795 that might give you some ideas.

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