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    I need to insert multiple bullets in a single row (one bullet each in front of several words in a paragraph). I have tried turning off the bullets in auto-correct feature in the tools menu, to do it manually. However, every time I insert the bullet by clicking on the bullet icon on the tool bar, the program is inserting it at the beginning of each line only.

    Can any one please help me if such a feature does exist in the word 97?


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    Re: bullets

    Instead of inserting bullets, insert a symbol where you want the bullet to be placed. Goto Insert, Symbol, and select a font with the appropriate marker and and click insert.

    Andrew C

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    Re: bullets

    Thanks very much. Really appreciate the effort. The manufacturer from whom I bought a software for which I had to insert my auto text entry in that manner, was not replying to my querry for some time, and hence I decided to ask my most reliable Woody's esteem & helpful associates.

    I shall try it this way and respond to you again, if any problems.

    Thanks again. Hope I can reciprocate your gesture.

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